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William is touring in different occasions on 2018 with his beloved Beethoven Sonata Op. 110 and Cesar Franck Prelude Chorale and Fugue. His performances include the concluding grand finale of the Beethoven Sonata in Norden Farm Arts Centre, with the invitation of Dr. Nigel Wilkinson. Nigel once commented William as “with maturity and serious” of his Sonata Op. 110, which reflected the same in William’s character.


The Franck’s magnificent Prelude Chorale and Fugue is toured in St. Francis of Assisi Church in Kent, where William’s performance received enthusiastic responses and applauses from the floor. He was then invited to do a concert in Kent again. William also brings his Franck to a highlighted performance in Leighton House Museum with the Aspect Foundation Prize- a prize he received of his excellent performance in Musical Odyssey Masterclass. Apart from the Franck, William also played some Rachmainoff preludes from Op. 32 and accompany Berlin-based tenor John Pumphrey, performing songs by Richard Strauss and Rachmaninoff. Their performance is considered to be very appealing and special. This could be exemplified by the non-stop applauses which William backed the stage for three times.


Performing with the duo Arc is also a very important musical output William focuses on. With flautist Marco Leung Chun-yin, they have given a series of concerts in the United Kingdom, performing pieces ranging from the classic Widor Suite, Poulenc Sonata, virtuosic Chant de Linos to new commissioned works. A highlighted performance for the Arc is the recital in Victoria and Albert Museum, which they have the chance to closely interact to the audience with flute and piano music from different part of the world.


2019 is a fruitful year of concert of William- apart from the highlighted Leighton House Museum Recital, William also works intensively with two excellent singers he met in the Musical Odyssey Masterclass- John Pumphrey and Laura Balla, which they give concerts in the distinguished House of Bob Boas, Stonvale Concert series and City Lit College. William especially enjoys playing Schumann’s Dichterliebe, a very heart warming song cycle which gives the audience a very romantic night. Apart from his regular partner of the Arc, William also works with Taiwanese flautist Wen-Hsuan Su from the Royal Academy of Music, which they performed together in Wen-Hsuan ‘s final recital.


William explores many of the piano masterpieces on the second half of 2019, including another Beethoven Sonata- Op. 101. This is a very demanding sonata which William chooses to play as he would like to further explore on the late works of Beethoven. He also played pieces of Brahms, Clara Schumann, Bernstein and the monumental Copland Piano Variations in his final recital. As the concluding recital, William performed all these five works and was praised as a “thoughtful design of the programme”, which leads to his distinction in the final recital.

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