MMus candidate in Royal Academy of Music (RAM), London

Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM) candidate

B.A in Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)


“ William’s Messiaen is fantastic, he deeply understands it…”

Pascal Gallet



Hong Kong pianist Fu Kat-Ho William is known for his deep understanding, maturity and warm sound in his playing, which brought him to performances in Hong Kong, Japan, Greece, United Kingdom, Vienna extensively. He is currently studying piano with Prof. Carole Presland in Royal Academy of Music as a Master of Music student. During his study in the Academy, he got a high recommendation in the Lilian Davies Prize, a “mature and serious” performance of a Beethoven Sonata, which brought him a further concert opportunity in 2018 at Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead, United Kingdom. His performance and concert series across the UK then won critical acclaim. He has also represented Musical Odyssey Masterclass in numerous recitals, including in City Lit in London.


William graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), majoring piano performance and composition under the tutelage of Prof. Raymond Young Chap Lai and Dr. Lo Hau-man respectively. He had lessons with teachers including Nikolai Demidenko, Imogen Cooper, James Kirby, Pascal Devoyon, Thomas Rosenkranz, Roland Batik, Nancy Loo and Eleanor Wong.


Competition success includes Janet Duff Prize from Royal Academy of Music, first-runner up in both North London Festival- Piano Appelbe Prize, the Antonio Vivaldi International Music Competition Vienna (formly known as Austro-China Piano Competition) and second-runner up in Piano Solo-Gold Medal Award in Hong Kong School Music Festival. He has also participated in the Summer Academy of Mozarteum, studying under Prof. Robert Levin. In 2017, he performs as soloist with the Chinese University Student Orchestra, playing Saint-säens’second Piano Concerto. He frequently receives scholarships, including Talent Development scholarship, CUHK Cash scholarship, C.F. Hu Scholarship and most recently and Yu-Luan Shih Creativity Award. Supported by the Nichola Boas Charitable Trust and the scholarship given by the Musical Odyssey Masterclass, William studies intensively with the prestigious pianist Nikolai Demidenko in Greece, and he is granted the Aspen Foundation Prize, which enables him a recital in Leighton House upcoming March.


As an active collaborative pianist William works intensively with the Flute | Piano duo the Arc. With the flautist Marco Leung, The arc is currently on progress of performing the whole standard repertoire of piano-flute literature. William's ensembleship has brought him to performances in concert halls like the Hong Kong City Hall High Block and St. Mary Abbots Church. 

Apart from being a versatile pianist, William is also a composer- He was a preparatory member of the Hong Kong Composer’s Guild and is currently a member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH). He gets commissions from various artistic groups like Yat Po Singers and Hong Kong Children’s Choir. He is also passionate about keyboard improvising, and he is going to improvise on film in Royal Academy Music’s Piano Festival. 



香港鋼琴家傅吉豪因其對樂曲的深刻、成熟的理解,以及溫暖的琴音備受讚譽。他曾在香港、日本、希臘、英國、維也納等地作演奏。於2018年,他演繹的貝多芬奏鳴曲於Lilian Davies 大獎中榮獲推薦獎, 隨後獲邀於梅登黑德的諾登范演奏廳演奏,而他的音樂會巡迴演出也大獲好評。 他亦曾多次代表musical odyssey masterclass 舉辦音樂會,包括在City Lit 進修學校的演奏會。隨即他在世界各地舉辦音樂會、鋼琴教學、講座及擔任鋼琴比賽評判。


他曾於眾多比賽中奪魁,包括皇家音樂學院的Janet Duff Prize, 北倫敦鋼琴節- Piano Appelbe Prize, 維也納維瓦爾第國際音樂比賽第二名,第五屆法國加尼國際鋼琴(決賽)。他亦曾與崇基管弦樂團合作(斯特拉文斯基:彼得魯什卡);中文大學學生管弦樂團合作 (聖桑第二鋼琴協奏曲)。 及Aspen Foundation Prize等。 在Nichola Boas 和musical odyssey大師班獎學金的慷慨支持下,傅氏於 2018 年在希臘隨鋼琴家 Nikolai Demidenko 學習,並獲得了Aspect Foundation Prize,支持他於英國倫敦萊頓屋博物館(Leighton House Museum) 舉辦的音樂會,全場滿座,受眾多音樂圈內圈外人士的肯定。



傅氏熱衷於鋼琴室內樂,組成The Arc長笛鋼琴二重奏,和蠹魚鋼琴三重奏一在香港、倫敦等地作演出。他曾與國際知名音樂家合作,包括聲樂家 John Pumphrey 及 Laura Balla,在歐洲的許多進行演出。傅氏獲諸多獎學金、以彰顯他在音樂共他領域的成就,如香港特別行政區政府獎學基金- 才藝發展獎學金、胡格非畢業生海外深造紀念獎學金、香港作曲家及作詞家協會獎學金、玉鑾室創作獎及學術創作獎。


此外,傅氏也致力於作曲和其他音樂領域。他曾頻繁地獲各種作曲委約,包括一舖清唱、香港兒童合唱團、香港音樂事務處以及香港理工大學合唱團等多個藝術團體,作品在香港及內地公演。他還熱衷於鍵盤即興,曾在2018年英國皇家音樂學院鋼琴節上即興創作,廣受好評及備受矚目。傅氏還積極參與各種工作坊的鋼琴演奏,替代管弦部份,包括香港大學專業進修學院的合唱指揮課程和 Pro Arte 的指揮工作坊。


傅氏畢業於英國皇家音樂學院(Royal Academy of Music)中的音樂碩士課程,師隨 Carole Presland。畢業音樂會以優異成績獲優異演奏文憑(DipRAM)。他諄諄善誘的教學風格和對鋼琴教學法的研究則令他獲得英國皇家音樂學院教育執業文憑。他學士畢業於香港中文大學音樂系。 鋼琴師隨楊習禮,作曲隨盧厚敏。他也隨 Dmitri Alexeev, Imogen Cooper, Robert Levin, James Kirby, Pascal Gallet, Pascal Devoyon, Giuseppe Albanese, Danny Driver, Thomas Rosenkranz、羅乃新、黃懿倫等老師受教。